Life without limits/limbs: Story of Nick Vujicic Reply

You will never whine about life’s difficulties when you hear Nick Vujicic’s story. Nick is an extraordinary man. Born without arms or legs, he became an internationally successful motivational speaker and he is only 27. In his book, “Life without Limits” published in 2010, he mentions anyone can achieve success if he/she would have the following:

A powerful sense of purpose

Hope so strong that it cannot be diminished

Faith in God and the infinite possibilities

Love and self-acceptance

Attitude with altitude

A courageous spirit

Willingness to change

A trusting heart

Hunger for opportunities

The ability to assess risks and to laugh at life

A mission to serve others first

I found his book very inspiring, emotional and sincere. He tells his story from the heart. He explains how he dealt with the difficulties he had faced to live without arms and legs and how he managed to become a successful motivational speaker. Below is a summary of his speech that he delivers while touring the world. I recommend you watch it till the end because it is one of the most inspiring movies of the web.

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